New listing in my Etsy shop

I’ll tell you what – painting with actual thought and intention is not easy with a baby on your lap and little ones buzzing around.  My Twin Rocks project is finished and will be delivered to its new owner next week, I’m still working on the Dulcinea painting but just wasn’t feeling very focused today.  I’m down to the finishing details, so I really thought I should do something else until I can really concentrate on it.  So, instead of making any progress there, I handed the kids each an aceo canvas, organized my space, set up my acrylics and whipped out this little landscape.

It’s available in my Etsy shop right here:

I’ve also been working on some new amigurumi dolls.  With wings and halos, they’ll make darling little angel ornaments!  Hopefully, they will be ready in time for Christmas.  I’ll post pics when I work up a few more and have time for a quick photo shoot.  Not to be bragging, but they are turning out to be awful cute!

What are you working on for Christmas?